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Chairman's Statement

As a professional clutch manufacturer, we have developed a continuous integrated production from the development of friction materials and components to complete clutch assembly. With the development of auto industry, the scale of business has been steadily growing, and the China motorcycle clutch market achieved sales for many years first good result. In addition to the domestic market, we also and India, Japan, Spain, Mexico and other international customer cooperation, the formation of a sound product development and market supply system.

At present, the automobile and motorcycle parts industry around performance, quality, cost and global supply capacity etc. competition is becoming increasingly fierce, in this environment, we will with strong technology development and excellent production and processing capacity, stable for our customers provide high-quality products with high performance, contribute to the region and to the society. At the same time build a strong business to respond to changes in the environment, to grow into an influential group of companies, to create "The world's Changxing clutch".


Chongqing Changxing Industry Co., Ltd.

Chairman: Huaiqiu Wu

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