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Chongqing Changxing Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in motorcycle, automobile clutch assembly and components development and design, manufacturing, marketing services as one of the science and technology private enterprise groups. Founded in 1994, after more than 20 years of development has become the country's largest motorcycle clutch manufacturers, annual sales of 600 million units, accounting for 1/3 of the domestic market share. In recent years, begun to automobile clutch project has successfully entered the Zongshen, Loncin, Beiqi Yinxiang, local enterprises of automobile engine supporting, agricultural products into Barbieri, Celtic, Xinyuan and other well-known enterprises supporting system.

Company headquarters and production base has been relocated to the scenic Hechuan Industrial Park Grass street. Covers an area of 1 00000 square meters, which motorcycle clutch factory have all kinds of processing manufacturing 250 sets of equipment, special test, physical and chemical precision equipment / instrument more than 50 Taiwan (sets), advanced six semi automated assembly line and field display monitor, with an annual output of various types of motorcycle / machine clutch assembly production capacity of 10 million sets of R & D, production. Auto / farm machinery clutch factory has 50 sets of production and processing equipment, special inspection, testing equipment more than 30 units, 4 advanced production lines, with 60 million sets of clutch and 25 sets of flywheel ring gear.

Motorcycle clutch factory production of various types of dry / wet clutch, including manual / automatic series and dual clutch series, large displacement ATV series, general machinery and construction machinery series, a total of 300 more than varieties for with displacement to 36CC 1600cc motorcycle, ATV, universal machine and construction machinery. Automobile clutch factory provides a clutch cover assembly, clutch driven disc assembly, flywheel ring gear assembly, dual mass flywheel assembly, double clutch assembly, torque converter, wet clutch and other applicable to 1.5L displacement following car / mini car and large agricultural machinery parts.

Company in China has gradually formed a relatively perfect sales network system, has the largest domestic large and medium-sized motorcycle host plant for more than 20 companies, as Loncin, Zongshen, Lifan, Silver Cheung, Grand River, Qianjiang, spring, ring and other loose, also sales company in Zhejiang, Guangdong and Henan Province with dedicated office. In recent years, the motorcycle clutch production and sales of 100 million units per year, the rate of increase, has achieved sales of various types of clutch sales of about 6000000 units. In addition the company over the years for the India TVS, Japan DAYTONA, Spain GASGAS, Mexico ITALIKA and other well-known international companies to design and produce about 2000000 sets of high quality all kinds of clutch /CVT products, won the customer.

The company has perfect quality assurance system, has passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, CQC product certification and TS16949:2009 quality management system certification, product quality has been effectively guaranteed. Companies use ERP project management and target management and other advanced management methods, earnestly promoting and established the foundation for the management, Chongqing Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision Inspection qualified "secondary standards of enterprise" certificate; and through the GB standards committee confirmed that access to "standardization goodcompliance certificate"; and Chongqing City Motorcycle Quality Supervision and inspection center jointly drafted the motorcycles and mopeds motorcycle automatic centrifugal clutch (wet) technical conditions "in 2005 was approved by the Chongqing Municipal Technical Supervision Bureau for the local standards (DB50/T 207-2005);" Chang Xin "brand clutch products continuously is rated for the" Chongqing famous brand ".

Adhering to the "customer requirements as the center, product quality as the center of gravity, customer satisfaction for the purpose of continuous improvement for the purpose." The quality policy, Changxin industry unswervingly take the road of innovation and development of enterprises, and constantly develop new products, and strive to open new markets, increase the survival and development of enterprises. Company will to gather together the world, khanazir Baichuan broad-minded, gather all the advantages of the internal and external, for the development of China's motorcycle industry contribution.

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